VR Manufacturing The Buzz-Bee Valve Locator RIS24BZ

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The Buzz-Bee valve locator is a new and innovative idea brought to you from VR Manufacturing. This unique time saving product will save you hours of work! This valve locator is one of the easiest locators you will ever use! It works on a very simple concept. By making and breaking the power going to your solenoid, it creates a very loud buzz in the solenoid. This buzz is so loud it can be heard from depths of up to 8 inches deep! Just follow these easy steps and you’ll be locating valves like a pro. 1. Turn off the systems water supply. 2. Disconnect any master valve or pump circuits to avoid over heating the pump or master valve due to a lack of water! 3. Disconnect the common wire from the controllers terminal strip. 4. Hook one alligator clip to the common wire and hook the other clip to the timers common terminal. (See fig. 1) 5. Use the controllers “manual on” feature to turn the valve that your looking for on. 6. Go to where you suspect the valve to be located and listen for the buzzzzz! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Every Buzz-Bee is backed by a money back guaranty and a full one year warranty!!!