Tempurtech Heated Walkway Mat 30″ X 6′ (1, 30″ x20′)

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Tempurtechs Heated Snow Melting Mats For Walkways and Roofs Tempurtech has been manufacturing heated mats for over 7 years without “ANY” product failures. Tempurtech takes pride in offering the finest heated mats in the U.S.A. Others have tried to duplicate our mats, however, theirs burnout within 1-2 years, and they use almost 3 times the amount of electricity. Compare Tempurtech mats with their competition and you will see theirs cost more for a smaller mat. Major selling points of these mats compared to other similar mats: 1.) These mats will not burn, or short out 2.)5 year warranty, not one year like our competition 3.)Made in the U.S.A. 4.)Very thin, prevents tripping hazzard 5.)Lightweight and easy to handle 6.)Can be manufactured up to 40′ long 7.)No extra accessories needed to operate 8.)Lowest pricing 9.)Energy Efficent 10.)Uses only .28 amps per lineal foot at 110V & .18 amps per lineal foot at 220V Multipurpose Possible uses: 1.)Handicap Ramps 2.)Entrance Ways 3.)Sidewalks 4.)Steps (can be ordered direct from Tempurtech) 5.)Decks 6.)Roof service walkways 7.) Protects pets and children from harmful salts and chemicals typically used