Sunshine Mt. Rainier 8 x 12 Foot Greenhouse Price: $4,295.00 (as of 15/11/2021 10:58 PST- Details)

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Each model of the Sunshine Mount Rainier Redwood Greenhouse features four automatic vents, Dutch doors, and a fungus and insect-proof base made from recycled plastic. Up to four optional benches can be installed to maximize the space for both plants and gardening tools. If you feel the need to extend the space, you can purchase an extension kit to add an additional four feet in length. You can also add a 39 in. wide wheelchair accessible door for added convenience. Automatic vent operators on the roof and base vents require no electricity or batteries. The vent operator contains a paraffin (wax) that expands when the temperature reaches about 65 degrees, pushing the vent open to its fully opened position at about 85 degrees. As it cools and the paraffin contracts, the operator’s springs draw each vent closed. It is adjustable within approximately 5 degrees and easily detachable for manual operation. Features: Long Lasting Redwood frame Extension kit to make a 12 ft. or 16 ft. long greenhouse Temperature control Spacious capacity Dutch doors Strong connectors 4.5 mm polycarbonate twin-wall panels Made in the U.S.A.