Steamist SMPF-88 Pre-Fab Sauna Room 8 x 8 2-088 Price: $12,950.00 (as of 15/11/2021 11:47 PST- Details)

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Steamist 2-088 Pre-Fab Modular Sauna Rooms Prefab Sauna Room Packages Include: Steamist Sauna Heater Framing- 1-1/2″ X 1-1/4″ Douglas Fir Insulation- Fully Insulated with Rigid Fiberglass Foam Core and Double Foil Vapor Heat Reflecting Barrier R Value 11.3. Exterior Finishing- 5/8″ X 4″ T&G, Air Cured, Western Red Cedar, with Wood Vent. Interior Finishing- 1″ X 4″ Air Cured, T&G Western Red Cedar. Assembled Benches- S4S, 1″ X 4″ Air Cured Vertical Grain Western Red Cedar to 21″ Wide Maximum with 1/2″ Spaces. Bench Face is in Western Red Cedar and Framing is 2″ X 4″ Douglas Fir with 2″ X 4″ CrossBracing. 12″ O.C. Boards are Screwed in Place with Counter Sunk Brass Screws Finished with Button Dowels, Sanded Smooth on Top and Exposed Button on the Face. Prehung Glass Door- 24″ X 72″ X 3/8″ Thick, Bronze Tinted, Tempered Glass Door, Fitted with European Hardware. Assembled Heater Guard Assembled Headrest/Backrest Trim Finnish Sauna Stones- Heat tested, Igneous. Control & Contactor- If Required by Heater, Otherwise Built-In. Light- Wall Mounted, Vapor Proof, Satin Finish Cast Aluminum, Rated for 75 Watts. Accessories- Bi-metal Thermometer, Wood Bucket, Ladle. Instructions for Assembly Prefab Modular Sauna Rooms are a Far Less Labor Intensive Alternative to the Precut Sauna. The Package is Free Standing and Self-Contained Requiring Little Mechanical Ability to Assemble. Each Panel Comes Framed, Insulated, Pre-Wired, Etc… and can be Completed in a Few Hours. as an Added Feature Steamist Prefab Modular Sauna Rooms can be Disassembled, Moved and Reassembled on any Hard Floor