Rennsteig Pro Solar Crimp Kit for MC Price: $601.00 (as of 15/11/2021 10:05 PST- Details)

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The Rennsteig Solarkit for MC (Multicontact MC4 and MC3 solar PV wire connectors) is a great professional-grade took kit for the solar installation professional. The kit includes everything needed to cut, strip, and crimp MC3 (Non-Locking) and MC4 (Locking Type) solar connectors. Rennsteig part number: 624 105-02

The pro kit includes:

  • Insulation stripper
  • Cable cutter
  • PEW 12 Crimping Tool with MC3 dies (for AWG 14/12/10)
  • MC4 die set (for AWG 14/12/10)
  • 2 locators (MC3 and MC4)