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Protecta Sidekick Tamper Proof Rat Bait Stations Case of 6 Stations Rodent Control and 9 Lbs Jt Eaton Blox Rat and Mouse Bait Price:  $92.30 (as of 09/07/2018 23:49 PST- Details)

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The compact Protecta Sidekick is a prudent way to upgrade from non-tamper-resistant bait stations to a more durable tamper-resistant station. The Protecta Sidekick functions as both a bait station and monitoring station. It’s vertical bait securing rods hold bait blox securely in the station, reducing the risk of accidental bait exposure to children, pets and non-target animals. The Protecta Sidekick also works as a monitoring station and it is specially designed to hold Trapper T-Rex Rat Snap Trap which captures rats as they enter the station. The lid on this bait station opens to the side for fast, convenient servicing, even when the station is secured and its rounded interior corners make cleaning the station easier than ever. 9 lb of JT Eaton Bait Blox (Peanut Butter Flavor)
Active Ingredient: 0.005% Diphacinone Target pests: rodents Pet safe: JT Eaton Bait Blox is LESS toxic to non-target animals in both primary and secondary poisoning situations than single-feeding baits. JT Eaton’s Bait Block is a first-generation anticoagulant, Diphacinone bait. This peanut butter flavored bait block is very palatable bait. An antidote, Vitamin K1 is readily available and there is a time factor for treatment. JT Eaton Peanut Butter Bait Block: Active ingredient: diphacinone Packed 72 x 2 oz. blocks per pail (Net Wt. 9 lbs) Packed in Tamper-Evident Resealable Pails