PIPEtalk Fits Large RAND Solar Oven Evacuated 5″-Selling Only Tray 3.75×22 w/Therm

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You are purchasing one handmade tray (Made by USA retired) We have sold hundreds with excellent reviews. NOT HOT ENOUGH? GET OUR REFLECTOR (TO GET IT TO 400F QUICKLY. HOW ARE YOU GOING TO GET IT HOT ENOUGH TO COOK WHEN THE WINTER SUN LAYS DOWN ON THE HORIZON ALL DAY? ONLY ONE POSSIBLE ANSWER–A REFLECTOR! If the RAND 4 or 5″ is not hot enough, fast enough, buy our reflector on eBay to make it go to 400F (Or more) With our reflector, in full sun, it will actually blow the rubber off the end of the tube. That’s hot! Made a mess inside the glass tube on the 4th of July? Buy this tray and stop spilling all over the glass tube’s interior. This tray is for the newest 2017/2018 5″ RAND evacuated solar oven glass tube. Please verify yours has a 5″ OD x more than 23 inches long before buying this tray. How do you know which tube you have? Measure the outside diameter. If it is 5″(Greater than 4-1/2″) sold by RAND, then it is the newest one and this tray will fit it. RAND does not make trays or reflectors for their glass tubes. As of September 1, 2018 RAND stopped selling the solar glass ovens. The Large Rand Solar Oven/Stove Evacuated 4 or 5″ OD Glass Vacuum Tubes Cooker Grill BBQ Is Sold By Others. Hand made by the USA retired. Please support the elderly! INSIDE TRAY HANDLE GETS VERY HOT. OUTSIDE WOODEN HANDLE STAYS COOL! The one each tray being sold here is 3-3/4″ wide x 22″ for the new RAND Glass Solar Cooker Tube being sold in 2017. (It will NOT fit the 4″ RAND sold last year) The tray is made of a curved aluminum tray and a front plate of thick aluminum with a wood handle. The front gasket can handle 800F & the food grade sealant seal is rated at 400F. Plate is 3/32″ thick alum & tray curve is .032 thick alum. Line tray with aluminum foil. The overall length is 27 3/4″. The rear has a flat handle to support both ends when moving. No pressure buildup!