Arizona Mist 92100 Booster Pump Price: $110.00 (as of 15/11/2021 09:40 PST- Details)

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This Arizona Mist 92100 booster pump mist booster pump is energy efficient and increases regular misting system line pressure to 160 PSI. This misting system pump from Orbit easily mounts to a wall and connects to your mist system water source with Slip-Lok connections. The mist system pump allows a water mist system s effectiveness to be increased for cool and enjoyable comfort during hot summer months. This Arizona Mist 92100 booster pump has a convenient on/off switch to easily control your cooling mist system. Features and Benefits: Mounts easily to any wall, Boosts water line pressure to 160 PSI, Has Slip-Lok connections to attach quickly to a water source, Has a flow rate of.167 GPM and requires.35 amps, Connects to 110 volt electrical source.