Orbit 2-Port Irrigation Valve Manifold Bundle for 1″ Poly Pipe Systems

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This Orbit 2 port manifold bundle is specifically designed for 1″ poly pipe sprinkler systems. It is a simple and easy way to install a poly pipe 2 valve sprinkler manifold system. No tools are required, just hand-tighten each of the Orbit manifold adapters to the manifold and the other end to the valve. These Orbit manifold fittings have heavy duty O-rings that ensure a watertight connection. This bundle includes the following: One 2 port manifold (Orbit part # 57182), 4 manifold swivel adapters (Orbit part # 57199) for connecting sprinkler valves to the manifold, 2 1 in. poly manifold adapter (Orbit part # 57189) which are used to connect the manifold to 1″ poly pipe from the valve lines, 1 manifold cap (Orbit part # 57197) and one 1 in. to 3/4 in. PVC manifold slip swivel adapter (Orbit part # 57202) used to connect the manifold assembly to the main incoming PVC line.