Nordic Auto Plow Perfect Shovel, 36″ L

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Nordic Plows Perfect Shovel is a patent pending 11.5 inch tall- 36 inch wide push shovel unlike any other shovel on the market. Oue blade has a rounded edge on one side and a sharp edge on the other side. The rounded edge is perfect for use on uneven surfaces such as gravel paver bricks sidwalks and turf. Cracks on sidewalks are not a problem and the rounded edge will not damage golf course greens artificial turf or cover tarps. The shovel is currently being used by professional stadiums and major universities. With a flip of the wrist you can change the adjustable angle of the blade from right to left 10 degree or 5 degree angle. You can also customized the handle grips to fit your height and weight. Traditional shovels make you lift and twist whereas the Perfect Shovel uses your body weight and forarms to push. It is a one of a kind shovel that eliminates stress and backaches.