Agri-Pro Standard Cow Hip Lift OB Calving Milking Birthing Lame Cow Easy and Fast for Emergencies Price: $245.76 (as of 15/11/2021 10:30 PST- Details)

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“The Cadillac of Hip Lifts” For cows that cannot stand up on their own anymore, e.g. after giving birth. The gummed clamps are adjustable to the cow’s size. This remarkable, lightweight device has many uses, including post parturient paresis, assisting a cow down on wet cement, prolapsed uterus, restraint during surgery, assisting the cow in cases of generalized weakness, and obturator paralysis of fracture repair. Fits the largest or smallest cow. Easy to use, place the cow lift over the back of the cow or calf. Turn the convenient handle on the threaded rod and pull the rings snug to the hipbones, but not too tight, just enough so they will not slip off when the cow is raised. Remove by reversing the threaded rod. CAUTION: Do not use over 15-20 minutes at a time. Excessive use may injure the pelvis. Calving season is coming shortly, don;t be caught without one. These also work well on cows that have slipped on the ice and need some support for a short time while injury heals. We also have all the accessories for your calf pullers and will gladly add them to your purchase with NO ADDITIONAL SHIPPING! Just let me know which items you would like to add and we’ll add them to your invoice before paying. 30″ ob chain 60″ ob chain 30″ nylon strap 60″ nylon Strap OB Handles w/ Rubber handle (ea) Ob Wire (11yd) Ob Wire Handles (set) Canvas Calf Puller Carrying Bag OB Lube (8oz) J-Lube (dry) Priority Care Jelly (5oz) OB Sleeves (shoulder length) 100pkg