KUNHEWUHUA Pure Sine Wave High Power Frequency Inverter Board 24V-4000W

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Product features:
1. The power supply line is connected in series with a 60-70A air switch, the interface with the motherboard to solder welding firm, power transmission to instant, not intermittent, high power to increase.
2. Heat dissipation: Power frequency pure sine wave inverter board, highly efficient and stable circuit, no-load current is small (<0.5A), battery voltage / overload / overheat protection, installed simple
1. Suitable for all transformer
2. Support transformer series or parallel.
3. The product needs to connect the corresponding transformer to work.

Handling time: 3-4 days. The delivery time will take another 7 days.
1. Model: 24V-4000W
2. Board Size: 19cm x 10cm x 7.3cm
3. Dimensions: 18.1cm x 9.1cm
4.Board Weight: about 580g