Kasco Deicer 2400D25 w/ C-10 Timer Thermostat Controller 1/2 HP 25 FT CORD

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2400D25 1/2 HP Lake and Pond Deicer with C-10Thermostat controller. Water depth and contour is often the most overlooked aspect of de-icing. De-icers work by moving the warmer, bottom water that is heated by the earth, up to the surface to prevent or eliminate ice formation. The greater the depth of water, the more warm water reservoir there is available to adequately de-ice an area. Conversely, shallow water or fluctuating bottom contours can limit the amount of warm water available and, over time, can decrease the de-icing capabilities in a long winter. We typically like to see at least 6-8′ of water depth for good de-icing success. Kasco Marine, Inc. offers the C-10 Time and Temperature Control Box to control the amount of use of the De-Icer and to save on your electrical bill. One C-10 will control one 120V De-Icer and is a great addition to a De-Icing system. It uses BOTH an Air Temperature Thermostat and a Timer Clock to operate the De-Icer. It will pay for itself with electrical savings. Kasco’s C-10 Time and Temperature De-Icer Control is designed and engineered exclusively for outdoor use to operate your Kasco De-Icer with maximum energy conservation. How the control box is used will vary by region, but as a general guideline, most people will be able to reduce operation time and energy consumption by an additional 50-66%. Users in more severe conditions, such as the Great Lakes, will see less savings. The C-10 Time and Temperature Controller will save you money on your electric bills!