ITS Supply Alligare Diquat-Compare to Reward (1 Quart)

ITS Supply Alligare Diquat-Compare to Reward (1 Quart) Price: $42.95 (as of 30/11/2020 13:45 PST- Details)


Alligare’s Diquat with Diquat dibromide 37.3% can be compared to the more expensive Reward Herbicide. Diquat controls algae, aquatic weeds in the water and submerged weeds, as well as weeds along the shoreline. Spray Diquat directly to existing plants as a surface spray or spray under the water with a spray nozzle. If the weeds are covered in scale, silt, or algae or if there is insufficient penetration of light into the water, the Diquat effectiveness may be reduced because of the stress to the weeds. Best results are obtained if the weeds are young, actively growing and stress-free. Young weeds 1-6 inches in height are easiest to control. HOW DIQUAT WORKS Diquat interferes with photosynthesis of the plant after it is taken up through the plant cells. Diquat dibromide is rapidly absorbed into the weed and is rainfast in 30 minutes. It takes 1-5 days for emersed and floating weeds to die and it takes 2-3 weeks for submersed weeds to die. If the weeds are heavily infested, a second application may be needed.