Guide Gear 2,000W Power Inverter

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Power it up with Guide Gear! – Run power tools and recharge small devices while on a camping trip, or use it as a backup plan at home in case of a power outage. The Guide Gear Inverter converts 12V DC to 115V AC and contains enough power to supply small home appliances and recharge handheld digital devices. A built-in ground-fault circuit interrupter protects from electrical shock. Includes a battery connection cable for direct connection to your vehicle’s battery. 2,000W continuous Power Inverter converts DC to AC. 3 AC receptacles for connecting multiple devices. 1 USB port recharges smart phones and other devices. Digital display shows output power, input voltage and error indication. Has built-in GFCI circuit protector. Includes one #4 AWG cable with 3-ft. cord and copper ring terminal. Plugs/Ports: 3 AC/1 USB; Continuous AC output power: 2,000W; Peak output power: 4,000W; Amperage: 220; Voltage: 12.8; Low Battery Shutdown: Yes; Thermal Overload Protection: Yes; Dimensions: 10.5″ x 8.5″ x 4″; Weight: 19.8 lbs.; Materials: ABS/Metal Plate; Modified sine wave; Note: Clean the exterior surface of the inverter with a damp cloth to prevent accumulation of dust and dirt. Tighten the screws on the DC input terminals. Recharge the battery before it is discharged to 50%. This will extend the durability and efficiency of the battery.