Blythewood Bee Company 4-Frame Electric Radial Honey Extractor Price: $550.00 (as of 15/11/2021 10:14 PST- Details)

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Make Honey Extraction Easy With This 4-frame Electric Radial Honey ExtractorFeatures: 120-volt operation Ball bearings on top and base Custom direct drive motor Manual speed control Extract shallow and medium frame only Will not extract deep frames.Use:If you’ve had it with hand-cranking your manual extractor, get our 4-frame electric radial honey extractor. Simply uncap, load, extract, and unload.This technology has saved more time and salvaged more combs for beekeepers than any other invention in our trade. All you need to do is place your frames in the reel like spokes of a wheel, start the machine, manually adjust the speed, and by the power of centrifugal force your honey will be flung first to the tank’s sides, and then to pool at the base.Using the plastic honey gate, you can then easily transfer your honey into your container of choice. Best of all, once the extraction process is complete and the machine has stopped spinning, you can remove the honey-free frames for reuse in the hive.We also carry radial electronic honey extractors for12-frameand 8-frame hives. If you’re looking for other efficient tools for large-scale honey harvesting, check out our portable uncapping bench.Please note thatthe white tape on the extractor’s exterior is protective covering.