Aluminum alloy durable and beautiful carport , canopy , car shelter , garage

Aluminum alloy durable and beautiful carport , canopy , car shelter , garage Price: $4,200.00 (as of 09/07/2018 22:33 PST- Details)

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This carport is beautiful and durable , it can prevent the burning sunlight , the dirt from your can , provide a shade for your car . Product advantages 1. Frame and main body surface are using high strength Aluminum alloy material. The surface of powder coating and high durable electrophoresis antioxidant processing, can effectively use and more than 30 years without maintenance . 2. Sunvisors: The impact of high strength of polycarbonate materials, the strength of the glass is 200 times or so. And add the wire ultraviolet (UV), which can effectively keep out more than 98% of the ultraviolet ray, protect car paint surface. More can control the inside temperature rising in the sun. The inside temperature can reach 60 °C above, after installation can effectively down to 42 °C or so. 3. Aqueduct: The BBS engineering plastic, unique human nature design, avoid ceiling falling to the ground water when car and you cause the second pollution. Reasonable structure and easy to clean, convenient to remove dirt from inside. Key Tips 1.The carport material will be cut into small pieces according to customers dimensions , so once it is produced according your size , we do not receive refund . 2. We usually ship the carport by boat , so the shipping days is about 20 days to West and 35 days to East of USA after the boat set out in China . 3. The cost including three parts in China , the carport cost , the shipping cost from China to USA ( destination port ) , the wooden box to protect the goods . 4. The seller just take care the goods from China to the USA , when the goods arrive in the destination port , it is the buyer’ duty to take care of the goods , including all the local port work and cost , and the delivery to the house , but the seller could kindly provide a local agent to the buyer to help these work , just a reference , the buyer can use or not .