36″ Diameter Stainless Steel Metal Dome Fire Pit Ring Snuff Cover Lid

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Made By Higley Welding.Approx 36″ Diameter. This heavy duty cover lid is made from 16 gauge Type 304-2B Finish.It is a Commercial Grade Grayish Stainless Steel. What you see is what you get in the pic. It is not decorative material and dose does not have a mirror finish. This cover is is designed to be rust and corrosion resistant. Covers have a certified TIG welded seam. The conical design is the best for over all strength. Used for is deflecting water, snow, yard debris, rodents, humans. Perfect for snuffing the fire at the end of the night. You are getting a new cover, made one at a time in my small shop. This cover will not blow off. You can drive a large lawn tractor over the top and they will not bend. Stainless steel will turn a bluish copper color after exposing it to high temps. This product is shipped with edge trim to protect the edge during shipping. Many customers leave the edge guard on when using and it works just fine for this. You can see all of our fire pit covers if you type in Higley Fire Pit Coversin the Amazon Search Bar