2 PACK-Color Changing MR16 LED Bulb

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NEW TECHNOLOGY This amazing bulb changes colors instantly with the touch of a button. You can choose from a rainbow of 15 colors & white. You can even program the bulb to flash, fade or have a very smooth transition into each color. Our optional remote comes with four dim settings. 5W LED Bulb 9-18VAC 9-22VDC15 Colors Plus white.Lumens range from 110-280 Lumens depending on color Fits standard MR16 sockets. Due to size, this bulb only fits the following YardBright models: GBT5007 Series spotlights. GBT5006W&U Well Lights. GBT5006B Well Light. GBT5010 Series Up/Down light. 1.97 inch Diameter 1.8 inch Length