10 Watt Do-it-Yourself Solar Energy Kit

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The perfect solar energy kit for small do-it-yourself projects. This 10 watt solar kit comes with everything you need to build your own small 12V solar energy system. Use this kit to power small electronics, battery chargers, charge cellphones and LED lighting. The applications are endless!

Kit contents:
10 Watt Framed Solar panel
Solar charge controller
18 Amp-hr SLA Battery
Female lighter socket with fuse holder
All wiring and instructions

Panel outputs .6 amps per hour of sun. At 5 hours of sun per day, the panel will generate about 3 amp-hours per day of energy at 12V. This equals about 36 watt-hours. Our 12V LED bulbs use less than 3 watt-hrs per hour of use. Convert your lamp to 12V using our 12V DC bulbs and connect to your solar energy system.

A great starter kit to learn all about solar energy.